Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How to Stay Clutter-Free Forever

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Clutter is a huge problem in homes all over the country! No matter how much square footage you have, do you find yourself filling it up with things you don't need or will never use? Use these tips to get and stay clutter-free forever.

Start with a Clean Sweep
You can't maintain a clutter-free home without starting off with a tidy home. Spend a week or weekend going through every room in your home. Get rid of anything that hasn't been used, that has no value to you, or that has no place in your home. When you start off with a clutter-free home, everything else is much easier.

Avoid Shopping for Things You Don't Need
If you know that you stock up on useless knick-knacks every time you go to the thrift shop, don't go to the thrift shop! Just avoiding temptation can keep you from accumulating clutter all over your home. Before you go shopping, come up with a specific list of items that you need and have space for. Don't buy anything that's not on your list.

When You Buy Something New, Get Rid of Something You Already Have
Many families find it helpful to implement a one-in-one-out rule. If you buy a new shirt, you must get rid of a shirt that you no longer wear. This will also make you think more carefully about your purchases and if they are worth getting rid of something you already own.

Only Buy Items That Have a Home
When you find an item that you are tempted to buy, think carefully about where it will go in your home. If you cannot think of a specific place—for example, on your bedside table rather than just in your bedroom—then don't buy it. It will just get shifted around your home until it eventually gets thrown out or donated.

Use Multiple-Purpose Items
This tip is very useful when it comes to keeping a clutter-free kitchen. Single-use items are rarely used and they take up valuable space in your home. Do you really need an egg poacher, a strawberry huller, and a banana slicer? Unless you have a huge kitchen, probably not! Unless you know that you'll use an appliance or tool multiple times per week, try to find another way of carrying out a task with something you already have.

Declutter Every Night
Clutter tends to accumulate throughout the day. If you don't start the day with a fresh, uncluttered house, your home will only get more cluttered throughout the day. Before going to bed at night, do a quick sweep of your main living areas. Throw away mail, stick permission slips in your kids' backpacks, and bring dirty dishes to the kitchen. When you wake up, it'll be that much easier to start your day!

Staying clutter-free is a constant process. It pays off—you'll be able to find things easier, feel more at peace in your own home, and spend less money on things you don't need.


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  2. Very effective system you've built there! I love it! Thanks for sharing!


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