Tuesday, June 24, 2014

15 Life Hacks for the Kitchen.. Cook it, Clean it, Fast and Better!

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It's never much fun cleaning the kitchen, it is one of those never ending, relentless tasks.

If only we did not have to eat!!! (j/k)

Here at a Lazy Girl we have a bunch of tips that should help you get in and out of the kitchen faster and on to the rest of your life, plus a few other great kitchen related tips!
  1. 5 Tips to Get Dinner on the Table and Not Break a Sweat
  2. If you are out of this you can sub in that. 
  3. 4 Quick Breakfast Ideas to Get You Out the Door in a Hurry 
  4. How to Easily Open a Jar 
  5. 30 Second Homemade Mayo 
  6. Keeping the Kitchen Cleaner While Cooking 
  7. 8 Uses for Salt you May Not Know 
  8. 4 Steps to a Clean Kitchen in Minutes 
  9. Easily Fill a Baggie Without Making a Mess 
  10. How to Freshen Stale Chips and Cereal 
  11. 5 Steps to Keeping Your Small Kitchen Organized 
  12. Organizing Your Refrigerator 
  13. 5 Types of Food that Freeze Well 
  14. How to Freeze Your Fresh Produce
  15. Tips on Cleaning Your Home Like a Professional
What are your favorite tips for "kitchen life hacks".  Please share them below.


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