Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How to Remove Permanent Marker from Almost Anything

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No matter how many times you tell your kids that they can't use the permanent markers, they seem to be unable to  resist them! If you've ever found something of yours covered in permanent marker marks, you're not alone. However, you can use a little bit of elbow grease and some common household items to get rid of permanent marker on just about any surface.

Hard Plastic (Including Dry Erase Board)
If you have permanent marker stuck on a hard plastic surface, it is easy to make it disappear. Just color over the entire mark with a dry erase marker. You can then wipe the surface off with a dry rag and both types of markings will disappear.

Clothing and Most Soft Fabrics
All you need to clean permanent marker off of a fabric surface is hand sanitizer. Squeeze a little bit of hand sanitizer into your hands and press it onto the marking. Dab it on gently—do not rub, or you may rub the marker in more. After the hand sanitizer is patted onto the surface, use a clean cloth to dab the mark and lift the stain.

Painted Walls
What kid doesn't use a blank wall as their canvas? If you want to get permanent marker off of a wall without having to repaint it, get out some hairspray. You'll have to be careful with the hairspray—if you scrub too hard, you may start lifting some of the paint off. Spray hairspray all over the stain. Use a clean cloth to generally rub the stain, lift the marker, and leave the paint intact.

Hard Flooring Types (Including Hardwood and Laminate)
Baking soda and toothpaste are the perfect ingredients to wipe permanent marker off of most flooring types. Mix equal parts of toothpaste and baking soda—the amount you use will depend on how large the stain is. Dip a clean cloth in the toothpaste mixture and rub it on the stain in circular motions. It should come right off.

Carpeting can be tricky when it comes to permanent marker stains. As long as you have rubbing alcohol or hairspray, you can clean your carpet up in no time. If the stain is old, it may require a bit more work. Spray your hairspray or dump a bit of rubbing alcohol on the stain. Blot the area with a clean cloth or towel. Once the stain is gone, pour a bit of water on the area and rub it dry.

Non-Fabric Furniture
You don't even need any cleaner to get toothpaste off of most furniture! Just rub the furniture with a dry erase marker. You should notice the stain start to transfer to the dry erase marker. You can then wipe off the rest of the marker with a clean cloth.

For just about any other surface, you can try a magic eraser or rubbing alcohol. Remember, if a stain is old, it might take a little more work. Stick with it!

Let us know any tricks you might have for getting marker out.

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