Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Organizing Your Refrigerator (and Keeping it That Way)

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Have you ever gone to make dinner but gotten lost and overwhelmed by the absolute mess that is your refrigerator? Been there, done that. If you set aside a couple hours to organize your refrigerator and then commit to keeping it organized, you can know what is in your refrigerator at all times.

Take everything out.
Go ahead and clear out your fridge. Throw out anything that is of a questionable age and take note of what you have that's still good. Give the entire refrigerator—shelves and drawers—a good scrubbing.
Consider laying down press-and-seal plastic wrap to make it easier to clean your refrigerator. Once your fridge is dry, you can simply press the wrap down onto your refrigerator shelves. If you spill, you can simply throw the plastic wrap away instead of having to scrub.

Label everything.
If you have a label maker, this is a great time to use it. Make sure that the drawers for fruits and vegetables are clearly labeled and that they are set to the proper temperature. If you thaw meat out in your fridge, choose a section on your lowest shelf for storing meat. Make sure it's on the lowest shelf—you don't want raw meat juice dripping down on the rest of your food.

You may want to invest in a quality, matching set of food storage. This can make it easier to label, stack, and store leftovers in your refrigerator. Look for a set that has an area for labels and be sure to use a marker that will rinse off in the wash.

This step will also make it easier for other people in the house to stick to your organization system. If you have it clearly labeled where the butter goes, your kids are less likely to stick it in a random spot!

Use Reusable Containers
Storing fruits and veggies can be tough; lots of people stick them in their respective bins and forget them until they've grown mold two weeks later. Look into buying a set of fruit and veggie bags. These breathable, reusable bags make it easy to see what you have available in your fridge, prevent mold from growing on your produce, and make better use of your produce space.

Keeping Up On Your Refrigerator Organization
If you don't stick to it, your refrigerator can get out of control pretty quickly. But once you get into a good routine, it will become habit. Clean your refrigerator out at least once per week—choose one day of the week that you'll go through leftovers, throw out bad produce, and clean up any spills.

Dirty, unorganized fridges are the pits.  I hope these tips help keep it a bit more clean and organized.

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