Thursday, April 24, 2014

No Sew! Turn a Loose Shirt into a Ruched Shirt in 5 Minutes or Less

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The other day I received a box of clothes from Twice (btw with I love Twice and ThredUp).  It's an online consignment store basically and you buy gently used clothes.  The only problem is that you can't try them on, so you have to guess if item will fit you.  Overall I have had good luck from both, generally about 60-70% of the pieces fit and are my style, which i not bad considering the discount you get on the clothes.

The rest of the pieces I generally give to my mom or friends.

I like using them because I am more adventurous in choosing my pieces than I am in store.  Things that I might pass up in person I go ahead and throw in the "cart" online.

The other day I bought a few shirts (generally I stick with shirts, as they fit more often) from Twice and chose an orange and tan striped t-shirt.  I would never choose this in the store, but I was hoping it would look nice and be a great addition to my wardrobe.

Shirt as is, not bad, but a bit long and loose for my petite height (yes I look thrilled, lol)

When I got it it looked a bit large.  So I tried it on, and it fit, but was larger than my normal choice.  I was kind of pulling at the side, wishing it were slightly smaller and wondering if there were a way I could take it in (I don't sew).  My mind went to ruching, you know where the sides are gathered up a bit?  I wondered if I could do it with a safety pin and sure enough.. it worked.

After Ruching

Here is what I did in just a couple minutes.

No Sew! Turn a Loose Shirt into a Ruched Shirt in 5 Minutes or Less

What you need

2 medium safety pins
Your too loose t-shirt

What to do

1.Turn your shirt inside out

2.Measure up the side seam on the shirt somewhere between 6-8 inches (this will be your choice)
3.Stick the saftey pins in to the top of the 6-8 inches so when you do your second side it is the same as the 1st.

4.Down one side of your seam use the safety pin to "ruch" the side of your shirt (I did mine 8 times).
5.Close the safety pin.
6.Repeat on the other side.
7.Turn shirt rightside out and put it on.

8.Make any adjustments necessary
That's it.

Final product

Note: You can buy from Twice or ThredUp, too!

Twice- Get $10 credit when you sign up. Not only can you get $10 for signing up….but you can also snag an additional $10 credit when you download their App on your iPhone or iPad!! That’s $20 worth of credit = FREE clothes!!

ThredUp- Get $10 off your 1st purchase of Women's or Kids clothing.

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