Friday, March 21, 2014

Super Easy Pineapple Chips

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I love dried pineapple but I don't like that it is often full of white sugar!  So I decided to make some of my own Pineapple Chips.

But being the Lazy Girl that I am I did not want to work too hard, so I simply used a can of already cut pineapple.

Preparing them to dry took around 3 minutes and they were on their way to becoming chips in
my dehydrator!

They end up on the chewy side and are delicious!

Price wise, they are not a tremendous savings over buying natural dried pineapple.  But if you get your cans at a decent price ($1 or less) AND use the juice for something else (either drinking or smoothies), it is not too bad.

Each can will yield around 2 ounces of Pineapple Chips and 1 cup of juice.  So if you want a pound of Pineapple Chips and 64 ounces of juice (which costs around $3) it will total around $7.  I have found that you will pay approximately $7 for Pineapple Chips in the store but if you factor in the "free juice" it brings the cost down a lot.

Super Easy Pineapple Chips

1 20oz (approx) can of Pineapple Rings in natural juice

  1. Lay Pineapple Rings on the trays of your dehydrator 
  2. Dry at around 135 degrees for up to 12 hours or until dry and chewy.
  3. Eat!

Note: if you do not have a dehydrator you can try drying these in a 200 degree oven on parchment covered cookie sheets.  I am not sure of the time, but it should be less than 12 hours ;) .

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  1. This is too easy - why haven't I tried this yet! I have made all sorts of fruit chips in my, pear, banana, mango... I love how you made them the "lazy" way using canned pineapple too! Thanks for the inspiration :)


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