Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How to Freshen Stale Chips and Cereal

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How to Freshen Stale Chips and Cereal

I hate opening up a box of chips or cereal only to see that someone else (or myself) forgot to clip it and now the contents are stale.

Have you even wondered, what to do with stale cereal or chips?

You can always crush up chips or non-sweet cereal to use for "bread crumbs" if you like.  And while that is a great solution you may simply want to eat your chips or cereal.

I was thinking the other day that most of what makes stale chips taste bad is that it they are not crispy any more.  So I thought of a solution to that!

How to Freshen Stale Chips and Cereal

1.Heat oven to 200 degrees
2. Pour chips or cereal onto a foil covered baking sheet (one with a lip is best).
3. Bake in 200 degree oven for about 30 minutes or until crispy.
4. Remove, cool and pour back into your bag or box.

This is not a perfect solution.  It is hard to make stale food taste COMPLETELY fresh.  But I just did this with a box of stale Rice Krispies and they were MUCH improved and know could be eaten again.

Will you try this technique to save your stale food?  Or do you have another use?

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