Tuesday, March 4, 2014

5 Easy Tips for Getting Your Home Office Clutter Under Control

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 The home office.  Seriously it’s the worst spot in my house.  I work from home and so it is becomes the catch all for EVERYTHING!

If you want to get your home office cleaned up in a jiffy you need to focus on two things:

Paperwork and objects

If you are like me your home office tends to collect a lot of “stuff”: art from your kids school, toys, items to be fixed, and even food. On top of that, you have all your regular computer equipment that should be there.  It can get overwhelming.

1. Pick up everything at eye level.  Either put away or tidy up the items that are out.  1st deal with your small items like pens, notepads, any food items that need to be moved back in to the kitchen.  

Make sure to have a basket or box on hand to put in items that belong in another room to deal with later.

As you are doing this straighten up along the way.  My guess is that you have places for all your office items, put them where they belong.

2. Now tackle the floor.  Use the same strategy as above.

3. Time for paperwork.  Grab a basket or container with a lid to load in your paperwork.  This is not a sorting session it is a tidy up session, so unless you have the time you just want to put the paperwork in an unseen location you can deal with later.   

You can grab a trashcan or recycle for easily sorted papers that you know are trash.  If you like you can loosely organize the rest into relevant piles, but only if you have the time.  Empty the trash when you are done.

4. The Desk. Don’t clean desk drawers at this time.  Simply put away items that belong in there. 

5. Straighten up.  After you have done the above do a quick straighten up.  Arrange items neatly in groups of odd numbers (like 3’s) and make sure everything is in it’s proper place. 

And that’s it for this quick tidying session.  Don’t worry about dusting or actual cleaning, that it for another session.

How does your office look on a normal basis?  It is a catch all for your family, too?

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