Tuesday, February 18, 2014

5 Steps to a Clean Garage (and Getting Your Car in There!)

Ugg, the garage! Can you even fit a car in there?   We can fit one car, but not the other due to all the junk.  Everything just ends up in there.

Sometimes with spaces like that that are so over crowed you just have to break it up- there is really no "speed cleaning" the garage.

But I will bet you could put aside a few minutes every week or couple days and have you garage looking organized and actually being useful for your family.

1. Remove the cars (if you even can fit them in).  you will find it easier to start when they are out of your way. 
2. Take care of the large items.  Just doing this is going to make it feel more organized very quickly.  These items include the bicycles, sporting good equipment, yard tools, any big items.  Simply take those and put them where they belong.  Throw away or donate anything you don't want.  And mark items that need to be repair to take care of it later (you may even want to stick these items in your car, if you will be passing a repair shop. 
3. Work on the start on smaller items.  Pick up anything on the floor and move it to an appropriate spot on a shelf or in a cabinet.  Spend a few minutes organizing shelves (remember you are spreading out this cleaning, so just do a few minutes each time you are out there).  Put like items together and you may even consider labeling shelves.
4. Organize the tools. If the tools are not yours you may want to discus a plan of action with your spouse.  He may want to do that organizing himself.  But you can easily move them into the right area, so they are easily found.  There some great ideas on Pinterest for Tool Organization that you both may enjoy checking out. 
5. Get some Cabinets.  You may already have built ins, which are great.  If not consider picking up some inexpensive cabinets at Home Depot or another store. Cabinets are great for storage and getting messes out of view.  You can also lock them and keep hazardous materials away from children.

That is really all there is to it.  Don't get overwhelmed and try to do it all at once.  Break it up into a series of cleaning sessions.  It will get there and you will eventually have a garage you are proud of.

How's your garage situation?  Scary or Organized?  

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