Friday, November 1, 2013

8 Uses for Salt You May Not (or maybe you do) Know

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We all have salt, and probably use it every day.  But you may not have ever really used it for anything but seasoning food.

Here are 8 cool tips to use salt in a new way:

For the Body

  • Skin Exfoliant- Mix 50/50 salt with coconut oil and scrub on your body to remove dead skin.  Rinse in a warm shower.

In the Kitchen

  • Tenderizer- Dry or Wet brine meats to not only flavor but make tender meat.  Here is a great recipe.
  • Gets Rid of Bitterness- Sprinkle on eggplant to get rid of some of the bitterness.
  • Brings out Moisture- Salt potatoes, squash and cucumbers.  Allow to sit for a while and you will see the moisture come out.  Pat dry and cook.  Less water in the cooking process will make a better end result.
  • Brings out color- adding a little salt tot he cooking water of veggies will help keep the bright green color. (also works in the washing.. if you have new jeans or towels add a cup of salt the 1st time you wash, it will help set the color)
You also my like our post on 30 Second Homemade Mayo.  It's SO easy. 

For the Home

  • Discourages Ants- sprinkle salt where ants are coming into your house.  They may not cross the barrier.
  • Freshens the Garbage Disposal- put 1/2 cup in your garbage disposal, run cold water and run the disposal.  Nice and fresh.
  • Kills weeds- mix 1 cup salt to 2 cups water.  Boil, cool and then pour on weeds to kill.
Have any more fun tips?  Leave them in the comments below.

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